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Social Skills


Primary Goal

To build awareness, leadership, and courage, while promoting the value of vulnerability. Our youth programs are tailored for pre-school, elementary school, middle school, and high school students. Our objective is to bring the Build 4 Life experience to schools, organizations, and communities in need of our services.

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Program Details

Build 4 Life Social Skills and Peer Mentoring Programs are designed to produce a safe environment for positive growth - socially, emotionally, and physically. We engage in trust-building exercises and team centered activities that aim to increase: 

  • A student’s feelings of connectedness and sense of responsibility to their school and peers 

  • Feelings of competency and self-efficacy


  • Prosocial behavior and attitudes 

  • Overall feelings of self-worth and empathy while building interpersonal 

communication skills. 


Claudine Gebhard

Social Skills Program Director

 Early childhood development is vital in building an understanding of what it means to be a confident, kind and happy person. I believe in incorporating the key fundamental building blocks of socialization to give our students the tools to be successful in life 

 Claudine Gebhard, Social Skills Program director

Social Skills

Social Skills

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