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Social Skills


Primary Goal

To build awareness, leadership, and courage, while promoting the value of vulnerability. Our youth programs are tailored for pre-school, elementary school, middle school, and high school students. Our objective is to bring the Build 4 Life experience to schools, organizations, and communities in need of our services.

Hands Up

Program Details

Build 4 Life Social Skills and Peer Mentoring Programs are designed to produce a safe environment for positive growth - socially, emotionally, and physically. We engage in trust-building exercises and team centered activities that aim to increase: 

  • A student’s feelings of connectedness and sense of responsibility to their school and peers 

  • Feelings of competency and self-efficacy


  • Prosocial behavior and attitudes 

  • Overall feelings of self-worth and empathy while building interpersonal 

communication skills. 


Claudine Gebhard

Social Skills Program Director

 Early childhood development is vital in building an understanding of what it means to be a confident, kind and happy person. I believe in incorporating the key fundamental building blocks of socialization to give our students the tools to be successful in life 

 Claudine Gebhard, Social Skills Program director