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Our Mission

The mission of Build 4 Life is to place soft-skills training at the forefront of our programming in order to foster healthy communication skills, coping mechanisms, and wellness for all students

Build4Life is a youth development organization that designs programs to help individuals, achieve their goals and overcome daily obstacles. Build 4 Life prioritizes building strong relationships with students to equip them with the necessary support and commitment needed to improve their overall life experiences. We strive to develop the mental, emotional and physical skills necessary to achieve social-emotional health and wellness as individuals and as a collective community.

Meet The Founders


Alex - Jamal Burton



While pursuing his undergraduate degree in Athletic Training and playing Division 2 basketball at Dominican college, Alex-Jamal Burton developed a passion for health and wellness. Such passion led him to commit his career to athletic training and mentoring children through dedication and confidence. His expertise in fitness formed as an athletic training major, where he studied under the tutelage of different healthcare professionals. He worked closely with orthopedic doctors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, registered nurses, and occupational therapists for three years.


After completing a graduate degree in Business Leadership while also playing Division 2 Basketball at Concordia College, Alex-Jamal started teaching children and teens. His prior experience with healthcare professionals and his leadership skills allowed Alex-Jamal to instruct students from a mental, emotional, and physical skills perspective while utilizing a mentorship model to strengthen their emotional skills, especially among vulnerable communities. Additionally, he is the founder of Burton Fitness, a health and wellness company that seeks to help people of all ages achieve their fitness goals and overcome the daily obstacles that prevent them from living a healthy lifestyle.

Claudine Gebhard



Trained in Applied behavior analysis therapy, Claudine Gebhard has worked with many children, schools, and parents providing strategic behavior approaches to helping children achieve their goals and become their best. As a social skills specialist with over 15 years of experience in education focused on children with learning disabilities and early childhood education intervention. Claudine began her career in education at PS 50 in New York City. Through the New York City Fellows Program, which recruits and trains college graduates to become teachers in the city's public schools, Claudine honed her skills in the classroom. Her work at this high-risk school inspired her to pursue additional schooling, where she obtained a Master's in Early Education then a certificate in Special Education.

Before joining the esteemed ranks of education, Claudine received her Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing and spent years in the fashion industry in sales and marketing. 

Jointly, Alex and Claudine have created a unique curriculum that focuses on a specific behavioral approach to helping children and teens feel confident while teaching them that failure is part of success.

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