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Build 4 Life

Build 4 Life is a tailored social development organization that works with people of varying abilities to build confidence, encourage healthy self-esteem, and promote wellness.


Social Skills Programs includes one-on-one coaching sessions and real social interactive sessions. Students will be able to practice their social skills and engage in a collective setting where they can implement what they learned into practical social situations.  

Courage, Leadership, Awareness, Vulnerability 

Upon completion of our consultation form, our instructors work to identify the best approach to teach students from a wide range of backgrounds, abilities, and circumstances. We help them to develop social skills through our pillars of  courage, leadership, awareness, and vulnerability. 

Sessions are open!

Students Success Stories

"Claudine began working with my son when he was three years old. He was super shy and introverted. He didn't know how to standup for himself. He didn't speak in class. She worked to teach him how to use his words and approach children to ask if they would like to play with him. She did such an affective job he is now five and so outgoing. He invents games for his peers to play on the playground and he loves to talk and share with his teachers and friends"

-Jackie Malek

“Thank you Alex for working with our fifth graders here at Wadleigh Elementary School. Your team building activities and the numerous hands on activities were well received. Your patience and understanding really helped with the students  ”

Ms. Joyce

"We recently moved to Westchester and Build 4 Life has been such a blessing. My daughter has struggled to make new friend but Build 4 Life has given her a safe space to make friends and feel part of a community. Thank you again for everything!"

Traci Walker

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